• Specialist for drawing-based parts
  • Drawing-based parts
    managed in Germany

    IEW - specialist for your drawing-based parts. Pressed, turned, stamped or sintered. Serial production delivery.
    Drawing based parts

reliable partner

IEW – Industrial Equipment Westendorff GmbH – has been the specialist for your drawing-based parts since 1982. As a highly reliable partner to industrial companies both at home and abroad, we deliver your connecting parts according to your exact specifications. We are active on the European and Asian markets.

What we deliver


IEW implements your order in acccordance with your drawings. Pressed or turned, sintered or stamped. Plus, depending on the application at hand, the drawing-based parts can be made using different production processes, materials, quantities and tolerances.



We are the best intermediary when it comes to connecting professional users with manufacturing industry.