• Specialist for drawing-based parts

Drawing-Based Parts

What we deliver


IEW implements your order in acccordance with your drawings. Pressed or turned, sintered or stamped. Plus, depending on the application at hand, the drawing-based parts can be made using different production processes, materials, quantities and tolerances. Specified surface coatings and special thread locks are also part of the service. You can rely on the experts at IEW to find the best solution.

  • Production processes
  • Materials
  • Surface coating and thread locking
  • Application

To give you an impression of our production diversity and of the manufacturing possibilities at IEW, here's a look at our current range of articles:

Different materials mean different properties. We can deliver your product made with the ingredients you specify or we offer viable alternatives. In addition to the usual items, other special materials are available on request.

  • Free cutting steel
  • Construction steel
  • Quality steel
  • Heat-treatable steel
  • Roller bearing steel
  • High-grade structural steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Sintered material rust-free
  • Brass
  • Aluminium

We can use selected surface treatments to provide – and improve – the specified property of your product. It's all part of the IEW service, of our production diversity. We can also supply screw locks as per DIN 267 Sections 27 + 28 to virtually any given design.

  • zinc-plated
  • nickel-plated
  • burnished
  • chrome-plated
  • phosphate-coated
  • anodised
  • powder-coated
  • zinc-flake-coated
  • slide-coated

We produce for all manner of applications with our products being used in the following areas, for example:

  • Automotive industry
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Heating engineering
  • Machine construction
  • Hydraulics / pneumatics
  • Plant construction
  • Power plant technology