IEW implements your order in acccordance with your drawings. Pressed or turned, sintered or stamped. Plus, depending on the application at hand, the drawing-based parts can be made using different production processes, materials, quantities and tolerances.

CNC turned parts

Valve insert Foto large

Valve insert

Application:hydraulics, pneumatics, technical gases

Material: stainless steel

Features: precision turned parts

Connecting elements Foto large

Connecting elements

Application: electronics

Material: aluminium

Features: recessed, made with counterspindle

Plug Foto large


Application: hydraulics, pneumatics

Material: stainless steel

Features: precision turned part

Ball studs Foto large

Ball studs

Application: automotive industry

Material: free cutting steel

Features: smoothed, nickel-plated, knurl

Drive shaft Foto large

Drive shaft

Application: belt drive

Material: C45

Features: eccentric, hardened, grinded

Shafts, diverse Foto large

Shafts, diverse

Application: control drive axles

Material: stainless steel 1.4305

Features: burr-free

Compensating ring Foto large

Compensating ring

Application: axle production

Material: stainless steel

Features: grinded

Setting spindle Foto large

Setting spindle

Application: electrical industry

Material: free cutting steel

Features: miniature spindle, M3 x 112 mm

Bolts Foto large


Application: diverse

Material: C45

Features: elliptically turned (left), with fine-drilling 1.4 mm (middle), drilling burr-free, annealed (right)

Fixing element Foto large

Fixing element

Application: automation engineering

Material: C45

Features: eccentric, hardened, grinded, rolled

Socket Rocker Arm Foto large

Socket Rocker Arm

Application: engine compartment

Material: 21NiCrMo2

Features: hardened, grinded, fine-drilling, with groove for snap ring

Slotted shaft Foto large

Slotted shaft

Application: intake tract / throttle valve adjustment

Material: stainless steel

Features: burr-free, transfer machine

Adjusting spindle Foto large

Adjusting spindle

Application: vehicle manufacturing, seat-making, automotive industry

Material: C15 Pb

Features: burr-free, thread, whirled rolled, double trapezoid thread, serration